Who We Are

BestBikingRoads is a one man web labour of love project which tries to offer the best possible information to motorcycle travellers as far as possible for free.
I am David, the founder of the project, and have been riding motorcycles since 1991.
A lot has changed with the world and with me since I was 16, but my love of all two wheeled things and the thrill of an adventure and the wind in the face is something that has not changed in all this time.
I have lived in a few different countries over the years. I am originally from the UK but left in 2002 to try to find a new adventure and new life for myself.
In 2003 I had the idea to create a web project for finding great places to ride, after finding what was available at the time too chaotic and not extensive enough.

For most of 2004 I worked on creating BestBikingRoads, this was a time before google maps and many of the location based services that we take for granted today

I took a leap of faith, launched the site in a very basic form and invested some of my hard earned money to try to start something great. It felt exciting and new.

For the first few years after that, I went on trips with the sole purpose of gathering data, recording the routes on my basic gps, describing in a voice recorder and keeping tons of paper notes.
It took me a lot of time to do that, many hours of riding in all kinds of weather trying to find the best unknown places
Eventually I had enough content to make it useful to other bikers looking for the same thing.

Some more time passed and I became a bit known in the community, I wrote some pieces for magazines and some other sites, in exchange for them saying something about me.
From then on, I invited others to contribute their favourite routes, and based on my own knowledge, I would moderate them as best I could manually (i still do that today) Since then, I have been working more or less continuously on adding features, fixing bugs and trying to make the best possible project I can.

Sixteen years later and I now live in Belgium. I am very happy there and I find it to be a good starting point for many possible adventures. Feel free to look me up, if you are ever in the area of Brussels.

But what about the bikes, I hear you say, let's hear about those!

The kind of motorcycles I like changes from time to time, for those biker nuts among you, here are a list of motorcycles that I have owned over the years:

1976 Yamaha FS1-E
1980 Yamaha FS1-DX
1991 Suzuki DR125
1987 Yamaha TZR250
1988 Yamaha TZR250
1987 Kawasaki GPZ600R
1997 Honda VTR1000F
1995 BMW R1100GS
2005 BMW R1200GS
2006 Ducati 999S
1996 Suzuki DR800S
1992 Honda VFR750FN
1998 Honda VFR800Fi
2006 BMW F800ST
1997 BMW K1200RS
1998 Yamaha YZF R1
2000 Ducati 750 Sport
1995 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade

Some of these bikes I have used a lot, some not so much.
What is equal is the amount of enjoyment they have given me, and that unique feeling of possibility everytime you hit the start button or kick the kickstarter and set off.

I enjoy many different kinds of motorcycles. I find that people feel quite strongly about particular bikes and particular brands, I do not really have that. I find how much we like our bikes is determined by how much we have enjoyed the experiences we have had with them.

That is why I created BestBikingRoads, I wanted to create the maximum motorcycling enjoyment for bikers wherever they are.
This is of course, quite a difficult task as we are all looking for different things but in any case I hope that you enjoy my project.
It is not perfect and I do not always find/make the time to add all the requested features or those I would like.

If you would like to support it by becoming sponsor, clicking on some adverts or buying the app, then that helps me to keep growing the project.
Conversely, sometimes people can get frustrated about the fact that is not perfect, then write something negative or hostile about it, that makes me very sad for all the time I have spent on it, so please try to be positive and understanding for little old me behind the screen at the other end.

Particularly since Google stopped making the mapping services they provide free, this project needs more support than ever.
The costs to use their services alone (not including upkeep, updates, bug fixes and admin) are in the hundreds ever month.
That said, I do not want users to feel that you need to pay for anything and I am happy if you just enjoy using it, that is all.
However you can of course if you want to recommend it, write a positive review, or recommend BestBikingRoads to your favourite clubs, facebook groups, that really helps me a lot and motivates me to carry on.

If you would like to contact me about anything, please feel free to do that.
You can use the contact form on the website via the 'Contact Us' Link, I look at the messages regularly

All the best to all of you and I hope this project will help you in getting the most fun out of your time in the saddle.

David Robertson

Enjoy the good times with us......